Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fitblogger Challenge: Week 1

I signed up for the Fitblogger Challenge last week.  I need something to get me motivated again and I think this might be it.  Each week for the next 12 weeks I'll set a goal for myself and then write about your successes or failures.  You link up each week at Fitblogger for a chance to win  a very nice prize.

What was my goal for the first week?  I decided to eat a salad each day. 
How did I do?  Success!!!

I found that buying the bagged salad (spring mix was on sale at Safeway for only .99!) and having a container ready each day made it easier to remember to eat each day. 

Another added benefit might be too much info....but....irregularity was not an issue at all this week.

So.  The salad every day is one thing I'll keep as a regular thing.

Next week's goal:  My ds27 has asked if I will do a 5k run/walk with him on Mothers Day.  He can run further than that but he knows how out of shape I am.  I said yes so I have 4 weeks to get in a little better shape.  It will be walking for me only...not so sure I'll still be standing at the 2 mile mark. 

My goal this week is to walk one mile for 5 out of the 7 days.

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  1. My daughter signed us up for a Mothers Day 5K. It will be my first and I can't wait!

    Good luck to us both!