Monday, May 16, 2011

Fitblogger Challenge: Week 6

Last week for the Challenge was a bit of a fail.  My goal was to do the exercise videos on Spark People each day as well as the previous goals I set (like drinking water, getting enough sleep and handling my stress correctly). 
Life happens however and things didn't happen the way I wanted. I didn't have access to a computer for 2 days, got sick one of them and went out of town for a funeral. We ate out too much, didn't sleep at regular times and rode in a car for too long. I feel like I still haven't recuperated from last week. I've been walking around with a major headache for the past 24 hours.
But, I know I need to get myself back into a routine to feel better.

My goals for this coming week are:
1.  Continue with the previous weeks goals.
2.  Do two videos on Spark People each day.
3.  Wear the MyTrak I won on the challenge. I think I finally figured it out. Tomorrow will be the first full day I'll wear it.

Here's to getting back on track!


  1. Sounds like a rough week; sorry about that. I can't wait to get and try mine. I was worried about figuring it out! I was going to keep up with my weekly goals but they fell by the wayside with all I have going on. (But I am doing okay with eating and exercise, my primary focus.) Kudos to you for keeping at it:)

  2. I've been using my MYTRACK since last weekend so I'm still in the "don't do anything you normally don't do" phase. It's been fun watching that green circle overtake the red one. Next week I'm going to up my activity and see how it goes. I too thought it was a little confusing on how it works, but I think I've got it figured out. At least I hope so! Can't wait to hear how you like yours.