Friday, June 24, 2011

In An Instant

Things can change in an instant.  For some it can be as dramatic and life changing as a tornado that destroys your home or worse, takes the life of a family member.  Or it could be a winning lottery ticket…
In my case I was walking home from work 3 weeks ago after a freak hail storm in our area.  I rounded the corner to my street and was probably 30 steps from the yard when my left foot hit a patch of mud that was on the sloped side of the sidewalk.  My left foot went out in front while my right foot stayed right under me as I went down.  I could hear crunching as I landed in the mud. 
It’s interesting to me that the first thing that popped into my head was I wondered if anyone saw me fall.  How silly is that?  I managed to stand, took two steps and at that point I realized that was hurt.  I could feel my foot and ankle swelling. I started hobbling towards the house and ended up hopping the last few steps.
I called my ds16 to see if he was inside..of course, he was at the library. He hopped on his bike and headed home. I called dh and he headed home. 
After maneuvering up the steps to get inside and slipping out of my mud covered clothes I slid my shoe and sock off to survey the damage.  Wow! My ankle looked like a tennis ball was under the skin.  This was bad.  Got on the phone to the doctor and was told to get to the emergency room.  Three hours later I was headed home with a temporary cast up to my knee, heavy duty pain meds and the news that I had fractured the tibia on my right leg where it connects the back part of my foot and a broken ankle.
I will be in a cast for the next 5 weeks. So much for the exercise/losing weight plans I had made for the summer….


  1. Oh no! I feel your pain. This past winter I had surgery and had to take a lot of time off exercise and last year I broke a bone myself. Bummer.

  2. Oh Jeeze!! You are right, life can change in an instant.
    I have become such a scaredy cat of falling since I am not a spring chick any longer. I think it makes me more prone to falling.

    So what are your plans for the next 5 weeks? Need a blogging budddy? Here I am!!

  3. Yikes, that sounds bad. I fall and just rip apart the joints, no broken bones yet. Bones are easier to fix. At my age I am surprised I don't break bones.

    Remember, pain meds cause constipation, so be proactive on the front or end or whatever.

  4. Hi Stacy, just saw your comment of 5 Acres and a Dream. I recently did the same and started at the beginning of Leigh's blog and read through. Very enjoyable weekend (and a bit). Are you still blogging. I also am city bound with a city boy but am very much a country girl. Small yard yet trying to live the dream.