Wednesday, January 5, 2011


One of the wonderful things I love about the internet is the wealth of free resources out there.  You can find pretty much anything you need on the net. is a wonderful website where you can create personalized diet and fitness plans.  It also includes calorie counters, a workout tracker and exercise videos.

If you join they have message boards where you can ask questions to dieticians or trainers.

But…the best thing about is SparkRecipes.  It is wonderful! It has thousands of low fat recipes as well as a recipe calculator. You can take you own recipes, type in the information and it will calculate the nutrition information for you.  I find that extremely helpful.

Guess what? It doesn’t cost a thing to join….

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  1. I started with fitday & thought about going to sparkpeople b/c it does have the community & recipes & that wonderful recipe calculator, but I have so many of my own recipes & foods on fitday. I am too lazy to switch it all to sparkpeople. I would also recommend sparkpeople. Great site!

    The Nourishing Homemaker