Friday, January 7, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In

I’m off to a good start.  This first week I was doing a fast, so I didn’t eat any chocolate, cake, cookies…or any type of desserts.  I also tried to focus on making sure I was getting 8 cups of water each day.  This never has been easy for me during the winter. I just don’t feel thirsty. 
The scale this morning looked like this…
                                       new pics3 042
Yep!  That’s down 4.6 pounds in one week.  Now I know it’s not likely to be that much each week…this is definitely a nice way to start off the first week.
Next week the focus will be setting up an exercise routine.

My Little Apricot


  1. That's awesome! Great first weigh-in!

  2. 4.6lbs is definitely a GREAT way to start the way in! Congratulations on the loss!!!